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How can I get the latest firmware update?

The latest firmware update is available to everyone with the Embr Wave app.

You can download the Embr Wave app for iOS or for Android.

To get the latest firmware, follow the below 6 steps:

1. If you haven't already, download the app for iOS or for Android.

2. Make sure your Embr Wave wristband is paired with the Embr Wave app. 

To pair your device, arrange your Embr Wave wristband with your phone side-by-side. Open the Embr Wave App. Then press and hold the center of your Wave's lightbar for 5 seconds.

Once the lightbar flashes green, tap the "Confirm" button in your Embr Wave app. A menu will then pop up requesting to pair your Embr Wave. Tap "pair," and you'll be all set with this step.


If you are trying to update multiple Embr Waves, we recommend attempting pairing away from the other Embr Waves (e.g. have your other Embr Waves in another room before attempting to perform the update for one).

3. Once you open the app, tap the target icon in the top right corner to get to the Usage screen. 


4. Next, tap the gear icon in the top right corner to get into the Settings screen.

5. Once you're on the Settings screen, tap the firmware button.

Then tap "Install." This will trigger the app to connect to your device.  


*If you already have the latest Firmware, a loading pinwheel will appear for a split second, and nothing will happen after that. You'll be all set. 

 6. Let the app finish downloading the firmware. Tap the "See What's New" button, then hit ok. 


If you have any questions about downloading the firmware onto your Embr Wave, you can always reach us at hello@embrlabs.com.