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My Embr Wave keeps un-pairing!

Some phone models have a harder time connecting to devices via Bluetooth and will take a bit longer to connect to Embr Wave.

While you're trying to re-pair your Embr Wave with your phone here are some things to look out for:

  • Instead of going into Settings and tapping Pair New Device, just tap Pair on the leftmost screen with the breathing circle.
  • If your Embr Wave is in the process of auto-pairing, you should see the light bar on Embr Wave flicker slightly.
  • If your Embr Wave is too far away from your phone, it will sometimes take longer to re-pair or be unable to pair altogether.
  • In v23, Embr Wave automatically goes into Sleep Mode after 30 minutes of no usage and will unpair from your phone. v24+ de-activates Sleep Mode, so if you haven't updated your Embr Wave yet, please do so!