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What do the all the colors mean???

Fear not! We've got a handy guide right here:

Red (pulsing) - warming (Standard Mode)

Blue (pulsing) - cooling (Standard Mode)

Red and blue (steady) - Standby Mode (Standard Mode)

Pink (pulsing) - warming (Extended Mode)

Turquoise (pulsing) - cooling (Extended Mode)

Pink and turquoise (steady) - Standby Mode (Extended Mode)

Purple (pulsing) - resting mode (Extended Mode)

Orange and red (pulsing) -  overheated/too hot to start (this tends to happen when using multiple cooling sessions in Standard Mode -- let the device rest for a minute or two before trying to start another cooling session)

Yellow and turquoise (pulsing) - too cold to start (bring the device to room temperature before attempting to use it)

Orange (flashing) - low battery

Green (pulsing) - charging

Green (steady) - charging complete

Green (ping pong) - Pairing Mode