Does Embr Wave change your core body temperature?

Embr Wave is able to make you feel more comfortable without needing to affect your body temperature.

Unless you're actually at risk of hypothermia or hyperthermia, it’s likely that your core temperature is already right where it needs to be at about 98.6 ºF.

So rather than fruitlessly try to change your body temperature, Embr Wave helps you by giving you personalized relief. A dose of warmth (or cold) can be incredibly powerful when you’re feeling disruptively cold (or warm) in an everyday environment, and a local sensation can be just as helpful as a whole-body one: think of how you feel when you dip your toes in cold water or when you warm your hands by the fireplace.

By giving you access to this personalized relief anytime you need it, Embr Wave helps take the edge off when you’re uncomfortable in moderate environments.

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