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Getting Started with Wave 1


Video: Unboxing and setting up your Wave 1 in 5 minutes

More of a visual/auditory learner? We made this 5-minute video to show you how to set up your Wave 1 and get the most out of your set up:.

Video: How to pair Your Wave 1 in less than 30 seconds

If this is your first time pairing your Wave 1, start at Step 3 when prompted to pair your device. After this your Wave should automatically pair with the app when it's nearby. TIP: If you’re having trouble getting the green light pattern to appear,

Video: Getting started basics in 30 seconds for Wave 1

I'm not feeling any warmer/cooler! Tips for using the Wave 1

Check out this video for a visual reference of how to adjust your temperature level. Most people find Wave 1 most effective when they check in on how they're feeling after the temperature session is complete. Our studies with UC Berkeley showed that

Do you have a Wave 1 online instruction manual?

Misplaced the instructions? Find it more convenient to read off of a screen instead of a piece of paper? Or maybe you're just curious about what it's like to use your Wave 1?   Look no further! The Wave 1 user manual can always be found at manual

Do you have a guide to the Wave 1 light bar?

Fear not! We've got a handy guide right here. If you've updated your device since January 30, 2019, use the guide below:. If you last updated your device before January 30, 2019, use the v27 guide below:.

How do I wear my Wave?

Do you wear Embr Wave on the top or on the inside of the wrist?   During cooling or warming sessions, we recommend wearing your Wave on the inside of your wrist to maximize the effect. The inside of your wrist is more sensitive to temperature chan

How do I ramp up warming/cooling on my Wave 1? How do I adjust the temperature level?

You can adjust the temperature level on your Wave by using the light bar or the Wave 1 app.   Using the light bar, press and hold the blue side (for cooling) or the red side (for warming) for 5-10 seconds or until it reaches your desired temperature

How do I restart a Wave 1 session at my last used settings?

If your Wave 1 has been updated to the latest firmware (v31 or later), you can simply press once on the warming or cooling side of the light bar (after waking up your Wave) to restart a session with your last used settings!. For example, let's say yo

Should I remove the plastic film around my Wave 1?

Yes!   The protective film helped keep your Wave free from scratches and dust/dirt particles during transit.   Now that it's made it safely to your home, you should remove the plastic film before using your Wave. In order for your Wave to work, th

Can I disable or turn off warming or cooling entirely on my Wave 1? Can I set my Wave to Cooling Only or Warming Only?

If you think you will only want to use your Wave 1 for warming or cooling (or if you want to temporarily disable one or the other), you can change your settings in the app! Here’s how:. You can set your Wave to Warming Only, Cooling Only, or Warming

How do I activate Extended Warming/Cooling on my Wave 1?

Activate Extended Warming/Cooling via the Wave 1 app.

How to: Controlling your Wave 1 without the app

While we strongly recommend downloading the Wave 1 app to unlock your Wave's full potential, there may be times when you might want or need to use your Wave without the app. If you don't have your phone handy or aren't able to use the Wave 1 app, you

How do I turn off my Wave 1?

Your Wave 1 will automatically turn itself off when a warming or cooling session ends.   If you're trying to turn your device off while a warming/cooling session is in progress, first get your Wave 1 back into standby mode (red and blue lights) by

How do I know when to charge my Wave 1?

If you’ve updated the Wave 1 app since May 9, 2019, you will now receive notifications on your phone when it’s time to charge your Wave!. The light bar will also briefly flash orange if you start a new session when the battery is low. You can check y

How do I charge Wave 1?

The Wave device comes with a standard micro USB-to-USB cable. (That means if you have another micro USB cable for charging a phone, tablet, or e-reader, you can also use it to charge your Wave!)

How do I check my Wave 1 battery status?

You can check your battery status in the app!. On the main screen with the temperature dial, tap the gear icon in the upper right of the screen to open up Settings:. ​​. Your battery status will be displayed at the top of the list:. ​​

What is Single Press in my Wave 1?

Single Press is a new way to return to your favorite temperature settings!. Press anywhere on the light bar to wake up your Wave 1. Then click once on the warming or cooling side of the light bar (or tap on the light bar in the app!) to start a sessi

I'm still cold! Can I make Wave 1 hotter?

If you need a bit of extra heat, you can turn on Extra Heat by going into "Settings" in the Wave 1 app and confirming that you need that heat!   Here's how:   1. Open the Wave 1 app. 2. Tap the ⚙ icon for Settings. 3. Tap the arrow next to

Is there a way to dim the lights on the Wave 1? Can I turn the lights off?

If you've paired your Wave to the Wave 1 app, simply go into the app settings (tap the gear icon in the upper right of the screen) and tap the arrow next to Dims LEDs. You can then choose to set your light bar to Bright, Dim, or Off. Change back at a