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How do I access my Stats page in the Embr Wave 1 app? Where can I see my usage info?

To see your usage data or to access your Goal Tracker, just swipe right from the main app screen. Alternatively, you can tap the bar graph icon in the top left of the screen.

How can I check what firmware or app version my Wave 1 is using?

From the main screen with the temperature dial, just tap the ⚙ icon to open Settings. To check your firmware version: Your currently installed firmware version number will be shown next to Firmware Version. To see if newer versions are available, tap

How can I get the latest firmware update for my Wave 1?

The latest firmware update is available to everyone with the Embr Wave app. To get the latest firmware, follow the steps below: If you haven't already, download the app for iOS or for Android. Follow the prompts on the screen to pair your Em

How can I see what mode I’m using on my Wave 1?

To see which mode you’re using, open the Embr Wave app. If you are currently using warming or cooling, the app will specify what mode you are in at the top of the screen. In the example screenshot below, you can see it says “Extended Mode in progress

How do I switch between modes in the Wave 1 app?

You can switch between modes at any time using the Modes menu in the app!. The mode(s) you select will be your default until you decide to change it again. For example: If you select Quick Mode for cooling and Extended Mode for warming, every cooling

What is Mobile Control in the Wave 1 app?

Our latest major app and firmware update for Embr Wave!

I tried to update the Wave 1 app, but I keep seeing a pop-up that says "Update Required!"

If you're seeing a pop-up in the app that says "Update Required! Update is required to run the application" here's something you can try:. For iOS:. For Android:

The + or - button is grayed out in the Wave 1 app. What’s wrong?

If the + or - buttons in the app are grayed out, that means you’ve disabled warming or cooling in your Temp Mode settings. You can switch between Warming and Cooling, Warming Only, or Cooling Only at any time. Here’s how:. Read more about changing yo

What does the number in the center of the temperature dial in the Wave 1 app mean?

Does it indicate the temperature of Embr Wave 1?

Why does the temperature dial of my Wave 1 app show tick marks at +6º and -10º (or some other numbers) when the device is off?

The tick marks on the temperature dial are showing you the temperature setpoints that are currently set on your Embr Wave for warming and cooling. This is the temperature level that your Wave will go straight to when you single-press on the cooling o