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Wave 1 App: Features


How do I access the Wave 1 Goal Tracker?

For new app users or users logging in using Guest Mode: During the app setup process, we'll give you the option to select a goal. After you've had a few days to try out the Wave, we'll pop back in to invite you to start using our Goal Tracker!. For e

Will the data I share in the Wave 1 Goal Tracker be kept private? How might my data be used?

Any responses you enter in the Embr Wave app will be kept private. Your data may be used to calculate user community averages to help us design improved features for you and all our Wavers, but we will never share data that can be tied to your identi

How often will I be reminded to check on my goals in the Wave 1 app?

Once you start using Goal Tracker, the app will remind you once each week to check in with how you are feeling. The check-ins are quick—just tap to rate how you're feeling—and we'll also offer supportive tips to help keep you motivated!. If you don't

Can I start using the Goal Tracker in the Wave 1 app later if I opt out at first?

Yes! If you're not ready to set and track a goal when you're first asked in the app, you can come back to it any time. Just swipe right to access your Stats page, then tap on the Goals button. Tap Start to select a goal and get tracking!

How can I see my Wave 1 data? Can I export my data for sharing with others?

You can check in on your progress by tapping Goals on your Stats page. If you've submitted a rating for that week, you'll be able to see how your current rating compares to how you were feeling at the start of your journey. (If you haven't yet submit

Can I track more than one goal in the Wave 1 app?

For the initial version of our Goal Tracker, we wanted users to commit to and focus on just one goal, to be able to give a clear view of how things are progressing over time. Once you've selected your goal, we'll be here to help you to stick with it