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Wave 1 App Issues


My Wave 1 isn't pairing!

Having trouble pairing your Wave to your smartphone or tablet?.

Oops! Something went wrong with my Wave 1. / Found device but could not pair (Pairing Issue)

Occasionally, your phone may be able to find your Embr Wave but have trouble pairing with it. In that case, you may see an error message that says "Oops! Something went wrong.". Not to worry! These simple steps should do the trick:. First, make sure

I've paired my Wave 1, but it keeps telling me I'm unpaired?

Successfully paired your Wave 1 but find that you're suddenly losing the connection when you try to use the app? This can sometimes happen when your Wave's battery is low, as that will affect the strength of its Bluetooth signal (and its ability to c

I updated the Embr Wave 1 app, and now I can't access Modes or the temperature dial!

If you've just updated the app and are no longer able to access the temperature dial or Modes button, check to see whether you are using a "zoom" mode on your phone to make the screen/text larger. We discovered a bug in our recent update (late Septem

The Wave 1 app keeps telling me to upgrade firmware, even after it told me the upgrade was complete

If you are being prompted to upgrade or update your firmware when you open the Embr Wave 1 app but the upgrade window keeps popping up as soon as the update finishes, the update process might be getting interrupted due to connectivity issues. Here ar

The Wave 1 app keeps crashing after I upgraded to the latest app version [iOS devices, December 2020]