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Wave 1 Light Bar Issues


My Wave 1 has been flashing orange/red/yellow continually for hours, and I can't do anything with it!

If your Wave's light bar is flashing red and yellow/orange continually for hours (or days), there may be a problem with the temperature sensor. We recommend charging your Wave for 2-3 hours and then trying out a factory reset. You can read instructio

My Wave 1 is frozen with purple (or pink) lights

If the purple light turns off, you're all set! You can go back to using your Wave. If the purple light does not turn off or if you see flashing lights:. If that still doesn't work, never fear! There are two more things you can try:. Delete and reinst

I can start warming or cooling for a few seconds, but then my Wave 1 shuts down / lights turn off?

Your Wave may still be operating even if the lights have turned off—you might just be in between waves. Because the Wave delivers warming or cooling pulses in a wave pattern, it's normal for you to feel an initial warm or cool sensation and then feel

My Wave 1 blinks orange, then turns half blue/half red, and I can't warm or cool

If you try to start a warming or cooling session and your light bar briefly blinks orange before returning to the standby (half blue/half red lights), there are a few things to check:. After checking all of these things, if you still aren't able to s

My Wave 1 is blinking orange briefly, and I can't start a cooling session.

[Note: This troubleshooting article is for you if your light bar briefly flashes orange and then returns to standby (half blue/half red). If the light continues to flash red/orange or red/yellow for hours, no matter what you do, please click here.].

I pressed the light bar on my Wave 1 and it's flashing green?

Sit tight—it should go back to normal in a bit!

I can’t see the lights in Fall Asleep Mode / Why are the lights so dim on my Wave 1?

We dimmed the lights in Fall Asleep Mode to help you fall asleep more easily! When you initiate a session or adjust the temperature in Fall Asleep Mode, the lights will appear (dimly) for a few seconds before fading to black. If you’d like the lights

I pressed the light bar on my Wave 1, but it didn't return to my last used temperature level

Accidentally pressing and holding the light bar for a bit too long will sometimes result in your Wave resetting and returning to the weakest default temperature level. To use Single Press to return to your last used settings, instead of pressing and

I single-pressed the light bar on my Wave 1 and all I see is a blue/red light. What happened?

If your light bar is half blue and half red, that means your Embr Wave is in standby mode and is ready to start warming or cooling!. To re-activate your last used session with Single Press, simply click once on the red or blue side of the light bar,