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How to: Controlling your Wave 1 without the appUpdated 3 months ago

While we strongly recommend downloading the Wave 1 app to unlock your Wave's full potential, there may be times when you might want or need to use your Wave without the app.

If you don't have your phone handy or aren't able to use the Wave 1 app, you can continue to use your Wave using the light bar on the device to control it. You won't be able to switch modes until you're able to reconnect with the app, but you can start and stop warming or cooling sessions or adjust the temperature level using the light bar:

  • To wake up your Wave, click anywhere on the light bar. The LEDs will be half blue/half red to indicate your Wave is in standby and ready to start warming or cooling.
  • To start warming, click the red/+ side of the light bar.
  • To start cooling, click the blue/- side.
  • To make the temperature level warmer, click or hold down the +/right side of the light bar. The light bar will briefly flash red when you've reach the maximum warming level.
  • To make the temperature level cooler, click or hold down the -/left side of the light bar. The light bar will briefly flash blue when you've reached the maximum cooling level.
  • To turn off your Wave if you want to stop a session that's in progress, click once in the center of the light bar to return to standby (half blue/half red). The device will automatically turn off in about 15 seconds if you don't do anything, or you can click once more in the center of the light bar to turn it off manually.
  • To restart a session at your last used settings, click once on the light bar to wake up your Wave, then click once (don't hold) on the blue or red side. (If you press and hold instead of clicking once, your session will still restart but you may have to readjust your temperature level.)

You can read more about what you can and can't do without the app in our Help Center here: Do I always need to be paired to the app or have my phone nearby when I'm using my Wave 1?

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