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What is the Wave 1 Custom Mode?Updated 3 months ago

The Custom Mode is a feature for your Wave that allows you to personalize your session duration and wave sensation to optimize your comfort for any situation. You can enable a Custom Session from the Sessions menu in the Wave 1 mobile app.

Wave sensation

We designed the Wave based on the insight that the human body is most sensitive to rhythms of temperature change. Now you can finely adjust how each wave feels by customizing its shape, from “Soothing” to “Energizing." Move the slider toward “Soothing” for longer, gentler waves of temperature sensation or toward “Energizing” if you prefer more sudden, intense spikes in temperature.

Session duration

Need a super quick burst of cooling or warming? Want to “set it and forget it” for an hour? Custom Mode allows you to select session durations ranging from 1 minute to 60 minutes.

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