What's the difference between Quick Mode vs. Extended Mode on Wave 1?

Quick Mode is a setting on Embr Wave that allows you to warm up or cool down for 3-5 minutes. Engineered based on feedback from our earliest users, Quick Mode is best for when you want more intense relief for a short period of time. You'll feel waves of warming or cooling every few seconds for the duration of the 3- to 5-minute session.
Tip: If your Quick Mode session ends and you want to go again, press once on the light bar to wake up your Wave and then press once on the warming or cooling side to pick up right where you left off! No need to readjust your temperature settings.
Extended Mode is an alternative type of session for when you want a more sustained cooling or warming session and don’t mind the temperature coming intermittently. Each Extended Mode session lasts 30 minutes, with pulses of warmth or cool every 30-60 seconds.
To access Extended Mode, tap the Modes button from the main app screen and selected Extended for warming and/or cooling. This will be your default setting for all future sessions. Switch back at any time by going back to Modes!
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