I'm not feeling any warmer/cooler! Tips for using the Wave 1

Some people feel relief using their Wave 1 devices the very first time; but for others, the effects are not as immediate. Many of our customers tell us it can take about a week of using the Wave to get the hang of it and to understand how much (or if) the Wave is helping. Here are some tips to make sure you're getting the most out of your experience:
The Wave bracelet is most effective when worn on the inside of the wrist, since there is a particularly high concentration of thermoreceptors there. We recommend wearing it an inch or two down from the hand, so that your hand doesn't touch the sides of the device when you bend. Feel free to experiment with different spots to see what feels best to you!
You can make the warming/cooling much more powerful by holding down the right/left side of the light bar for several seconds before letting go. The light bar will flash red or blue when you've reached the maximum temperature level. You can also adjust your level using the temperature dial in the app:

Check out this video for a visual reference of how to adjust your temperature level.

Most people find Wave 1 most effective when they check in on how they're feeling after the temperature session is complete. Our studies with UC Berkeley showed that participants felt an average of a five degree temperature difference after three minutes of warming or cooling.

We also recommend trying out different Modes through the app to see what works best for you. For example: 

  • Extended for 30 minutes of slow, sustained relief
  • Essential for 10 minutes of perfect warming or cooling
  • Fall Asleep for waveforms engineered to help relax your body into sleep
  • Custom for our most personalized experience ever, with sessions ranging from 1 to 60 minutes and the ability to adjust your wave sensations. You can create different Custom Modes and save them for later use.

We're constantly improving the device via firmware updates through the Embr Wave app, so try updating your Embr Wave to the latest firmware version first before using it! 

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