Why does the top of Embr Wave become warm?

While using Embr Wave for cooling, sometimes the top of the heatsink gets warm.

Embr Wave works like a miniature air conditioning unit: in order to deliver cool to your skin, it has to shed heat through the opposite side. As a result, when in cooling mode, the top and sides of the device will get warm.
For optimal cooling, make sure your Wave isn't covered by anything so that the heat can dissipate properly. You can also try wearing Embr Wave farther up the inside of your arm/wrist so that the metal doesn't come into contact with your skin when you bend your hand!
If your device is uncomfortably warm, turn it off for a few minutes to let it cool down. You can further accelerate the recovery process by wearing it loosely or taking it off of your wrist.
If your Embr Wave is too hot to operate, it will flash orange and red lights to indicate that the device is overheated. Overheating every now and then doesn't harm the battery, but it will if the source of heat is constant. For this reason, we recommend keeping your Embr Wave out of prolonged contact with direct sunlight when not in use.
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