My Wave 1 is blinking orange briefly, and I can't start a cooling session.

[Note: This troubleshooting article is for you if your light bar briefly flashes orange and then returns to standby (half blue/half red). If the light continues to flash red/orange or red/yellow for hours, no matter what you do, please click here.]

Your Wave 1 may be overheated! Check the app to see if it's showing you a "Too hot to cool" error message inside the temperature dial. If you're not seeing any messages when you try to start cooling, check here for other possible solutions.

If the app is telling you your Wave is too warm to cool, we recommend letting it rest a bit before trying to cool again.

The body of your Wave is aluminum and naturally warms up with use, especially during cooling. When you use you Wave to cool, it's using energy to siphon the heat away from your body into the body of the device. Here's a simplified illustration of how this works:


Factors like how warm your body is and how warm the environment is will dictate the amount of cooling that your Wave can deliver before it needs to rest.

To get the most out of your Wave, make sure the device is exposed to the air during cooling (i.e., not covered by a sleeve) so that it can dissipate heat more easily, and store it in a cool, dry place when not in use. Another useful trick is to wear your Wave a bit loosely when you aren’t actively using it—or remove it altogether—so that it starts out cooler when you need to use it again.

We are continually improving the control algorithms to improve heat management during cooling sessions, so be sure to download the app (if you haven't already) to have access to the latest firmware and updates.

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