How long is the battery life for Wave 1? How often will I need to charge my Embr Wave 1?

Embr Wave is designed to give about 15-50 sessions of warming/cooling on a full charge.

This translates to about 2-3 days of intermittent use according to existing customers.
The actual battery life will depend on a range of factors including things like the environmental conditions, intensity of warming/cooling sessions, and frequency of usage. 

We’ve calculated a rough estimate of the battery consumption based on selected duration, wave sensation, and temperature settings to help you better understand how much power you may be using for each session. Generally speaking, stronger temperature levels and longer session durations will consume more power.

[Note: Our new All Night Mode is our longest duration ever, at 8 hours, and therefore uses many times more battery power than any previous modes. If you use All Night Mode, you should expect that you'll need to charge your Wave again after the session has ended.]

Here’s an approximate guide to the number of sessions you can expect to run on a full battery charge:

Low battery consumption: 30 sessions or more

Medium battery consumption: 10-30 sessions

High battery consumption: 10 sessions or fewer

You can view the battery consumption of your current session in the app:

Tapping the (?) will give you a reminder of what High, Medium, and Low mean!
Li-ion batteries can also see their capacity go down by 50% in very cold weather (you might have noticed this with your smartphone, too). Embr Wave is designed to operate in moderate environments. If you're using your device in very cold or very hot environments, that's okay, but it does mean it's probably using more power and depleting the battery faster.
When charging your Wave, we recommend pulling the band completely through the lug to allow easier access to the micro USB port. Please take care not to use excessive force when plugging or unplugging your Wave, as this can damage the charging port.
While your Embr Wave is charging, it will pulse green until fully charged, which takes about 1.5 hours. Once your Embr Wave has fully charged, the light bar will shine solid green.



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