What is the Wave 1 Fall Asleep Mode?

Tired of counting sheep? The Fall Asleep Mode is a preset mode that we’ve created to help you get to sleep (or get back to sleep) more easily.

Fall Asleep Mode has been specifically designed by our bioengineering team to deliver slow and soothing thermal sensations that provide a sensory anchor to calm the mind and body as you drift off to sleep. The pace and intensity of the waveforms gently ramp down over the course of 35 minutes, helping to slow down your body’s rhythms and naturally prepare for rest.

The light bar will illuminate briefly when you start a Fall Asleep mode or if you adjust the temperature but will fade to black within a few seconds, to eliminate unnecessary light disturbances.

If you need longer than 35 minutes to fall asleep, or if you wake up in the middle of the night, all you have to to is press the light bar once to wake it up and then press it one more time on the warming or cooling side to restart your Fall Asleep mode at your previous settings—no need to fuss with temperature adjustment or turn on your phone!

You can set warming, cooling, or both to Fall Asleep modes.

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