What’s new in the Fall Asleep Mode release?

Changes directly related to Fall Asleep Mode:

  • Fall Asleep Mode is a new 35-minute mode designed to help you fall asleep (or fall back to sleep) more easily. The feature has been specifically designed by Embr’s bioengineering team to deliver slow and soothing thermal sensations that provide a sensory anchor to calm the mind and body while falling asleep.
  • Abbreviated interactions: You can now return to your favorite temperature level with a single click. Your Embr Wave will go straight to the most recently used temperature setting when you click once on the light bar after waking it up, This means you don’t have to interact with the app or view the light bar to reactivate the functionality
  • Modified lighting: In Fall Asleep Mode, we’ve muted the light bar to prevent sleep disruption via light stimulation to the user.

Other improvements in this release:

  • You can load different operating modes for your cooling or warming (Quick, Extended, and Fall Asleep) onto your Embr Wave from the Modes selection screen in the app. This is exciting because Embr Labs will be releasing a number of other exciting modes based on user feedback this year!
  • We’ve overhauled the underlying wave structure: Embr Wave now uses intelligent wave rhythms to pace itself, automatically adjusting the rhythm to stay balanced between your body and the environment. This translates to:
    • Cooling waves slow down over time to prevent the heatsink from getting too warm while still providing comparable levels of peak sensation
    • Warming and cooling waves use about 20% less energy (which means more battery life!)
    • Less rest time needed between Quick Mode cooling sessions
    • Warming waveforms have been redesigned for improved thermal sensations
  • Cooling can be up to 20% stronger in Quick Mode (thanks to the intelligent wave rhythms).
  • Updated light bar patterns that provide clearer information and allow for improved control in Extended Mode.
    • the light bar will stay red or blue regardless of the selected mode—no more magenta and turquoise
    • the light bar will no longer pulse purple in between waves in Extended Mode and will instead remain red or blue
  • The Cooling Capacity gauge is no longer displayed. (With our new intelligent wave rhythms, the device no longer gets that warm and is less likely to overheat.) If the device is too warm to start a cooling session, the app says so.
  • Account creation has been simplified and will no longer ask for your name.
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