What happened to double-knock to toggle between Quick and Extended Mode on the Wave 1?

You can still double-knock to restart within 10 minutes after a session has ended; but starting with firmware version 31, double-knocking during a session will no longer toggle between Quick and Extended Mode.

[Tip: Instead of double-knocking to restart a session, you can return to your last used settings with a single press! After waking up your Embr Wave, press once on the warming or cooling side of the light bar to go back to previous temperature setting. This can be done at any time, whether it’s been 10 minutes or 10 hours since your last session ended!]

Double-knock was great for switching between just two modes, but since we’re expanding beyond Quick and Extended (with more to come in the future!), you can now select between mode options using the Modes menu in the app.

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