How do I get Fall Asleep Mode on my Embr Wave 1?

To get Fall Asleep Mode on your Embr Wave, you'll need to download the latest firmware using the Embr Wave mobile app.

If you don't have the app yet, you can find it for iOS devices here or for Android devices here (or search for "Embr Wave" in the App Store or Google Play Store).

If you already have the app (but maybe haven't used it recently), the firmware should start uploading automatically within about 10-20 seconds of opening the app. If it doesn't start downloading, or if you want to check what firmware version your device is using, you can check in Settings:

  1. Once your device is paired to the app, tap the gear icon in the upper right corner to open Settings.
  2. Tap Firmware to see which version you are currently using. If you have version 31 or above, you now have Fall Asleep Mode!

To use Fall Asleep Mode, tap the Modes button on the bottom of the main screen of the app with the temperature dial:​​​​​​

Then select Fall Asleep Mode for cooling and/or warming and tap the X at the top right of the window to exit the Modes menu:

Then, start warming or cooling as you would normally (either by using the light bar or the -/+ buttons in the app). The light bar will fade to black after a few seconds so that the lights don’t disturb your sleep.

Fall Asleep Mode will now be the default setting until you change it again in the Modes menu.

To restart a session (if you’re still awake after the first one ends, or if you wake up in the night):

  1. Click the light bar anywhere to wake it up.
  2. Click once again on the warming or cooling side to restart your session at your last used settings. The LEDs in the light bar will fade to black after a few seconds.
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