Oops! Something went wrong with my Wave 1. / Found device but could not pair (Pairing Issue)

Occasionally, your phone may be able to find your Embr Wave but have trouble pairing with it. In that case, you may see an error message that says "Oops! Something went wrong."

Not to worry! These simple steps should do the trick:

First, make sure your Embr Wave is nearby and charged. (Low battery may make it harder for your Wave to connect to your phone!)

1. In your phone's Settings, forget Embr Wave from the Bluetooth list (instructions for iOS and Android).

2. Turn your Bluetooth off and on a few times (still in your phone's Settings, not in Control Center). Make sure Bluetooth is back on before returning to the app!

3. Open the Embr Wave app and tap the ⚙ icon for Settings.

4. Tap Pair New Device (below Temp Mode toward the bottom of the screen):

5. Follow the prompts on the screen to pair your Embr Wave. Make sure you see the green light pattern before tapping Confirm.
TIP: If you’re having trouble getting the green light pattern to appear, you can try pressing and holding both sides of the light bar with your thumbs for 4-5 seconds. Let go as soon as the green light pattern starts and then tap Confirm.
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