How do I edit the settings in Custom Mode on my Wave 1?


To edit the settings of one of your Custom Modes, tap the Modes button on the bottom of the main screen of the app with the temperature dial:​​​​​​


Tap Edit next to the cooling or warming custom mode that you want to update`:


​Select your new wave sensation and/or session duration, then tap Next to confirm (or change) the name and save your settings:

 IMG_0889.JPG IMG_0888.JPG

Your Custom Modes will be saved in your Modes menu. You can adjust or delete a saved mode any time by tapping the Edit button next to the mode and selecting the Edit or Delete option:


To use your new Custom Mode, make sure it’s highlighted in the Modes menu, and then tap the “X” button to return to the main screen of the app. Start a session by tapping on the cooling or warming side of the light bar. If you need to adjust the temperature level, you can hold down the - / + side or drag along the temperature dial.


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