How do I get Custom Mode for my Wave?

To get Custom Mode on your Wave, you'll need to download the latest firmware using the Embr Wave mobile app.

Don’t have the latest app or firmware version?

Get the latest app version for iOS devices here or for Android devices here (or search for "Embr Wave" in the App Store or Google Play Store).

If you already have the app (but maybe haven't used it recently), the firmware should start uploading automatically within about 10-20 seconds of opening the app. If it doesn't start downloading, tap Firmware in the app settings. If a new firmware version is available, it will update your device automatically.

Configuring and enabling Custom Mode

To use Custom Mode, tap the Modes button on the bottom of the main screen of the app with the temperature dial:​​​​​​


Select Custom Mode for cooling or warming and tap Edit:


​Select your wave sensation and session duration, then tap Apply to save your settings:


Tap the X to return to the main screen of the app. A single tap on the cooling or warming side of the light bar will start a new session at your last used temperature level, or you can hold down the - / + side to adjust the temperature.


Your Custom Mode settings will be saved for you, and you can adjust them any time by tapping the Edit button.

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