How do I know when to charge my Wave 1?

If you’ve updated the Wave 1 app since May 9, 2019, you will now receive notifications on your phone when it’s time to charge your Wave!

The light bar will also briefly flash orange if you start a new session when the battery is low. You can check your battery status in the app at any time by tapping the gear icon to open Settings.

The charging port is in a discreet location at the side of the heatsink under the band. We recommend pulling the band completely through the lug to allow easier access to the port. Please take care not to use excessive force when plugging or unplugging your Wave, as this can damage the charging port.

While your Wave is charging, it will pulse green until fully charged, which takes about 1.5 hours. Once your Wave has fully charged, the light bar will shine solid green.

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