I just charged my Wave but it's shutting down after a few seconds when I try to use it!

This is a bug we've recently discovered that is affecting a number of Embr Waves. If you've fully charged your Embr Wave and then find that every time you start a warming or cooling session, it shuts off within a few seconds, never fear! There is a short term workaround that you can try now, and we'll be pushing out a fix to permanently solve the issue through the Embr Wave app within the next two weeks (before the end of July 2019). You'll receive a push notification to get the update as soon as it's available.

Until then:

If you are experiencing these shutdowns, you can avoid this by only letting your Embr Wave charge partially. If it usually takes you 1.5 hours for a full charge (typical for most users), we would recommend unplugging your Wave after about 60-70 minutes, or any time before the light bar turns solid green.

If you've already fully charged your Embr Wave and need to use it right away, you can drain the battery slightly by starting a cooling or warming session multiple times. In other words, start a session, and then every time it shuts down, try to start a new session, and repeat. After about 5-10 attempts, the battery should be drained enough that your Wave will be able to operate normally. We realize that this is pretty annoying! But hopefully, you'll only have to do it once; and then if you make sure to avoid charging it all the way the next time you plug it in, you should be ok. (And then in a couple of weeks, everything will be fixed for good! Hooray!)

If you haven't experienced these unexpected shutdowns, then you can continue to charge and use your Embr Wave as normal—though feel free to play it safe and stick with partial charging until we've completely fixed the issue.

Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience, and we hope to have this problem resolved as soon as possible! 



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