I've paired my Wave 1, but it keeps telling me I'm unpaired?

Successfully paired your Wave 1 but find that you're suddenly losing the connection when you try to use the app? This can sometimes happen when your Wave's battery is low, as that will affect the strength of its Bluetooth signal (and its ability to connect with your phone!). Charging your Wave for 30-90 minutes should resolve the issue in most cases.

You only need to be paired with the app or have your phone nearby when you're actively using the app, to do things like switching modes, changing your settings, or using the temperature dial to adjust your temperature level instead of the light bar on your Wave 1. If you just want to start a new warming or cooling session (without switching the mode) or adjust your temperature level, you can do that using the light bar on your Wave—no need to use the app for that!

Read more about when you need to be paired to the app here.



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