The metal parts of my Wave get warm during cooling, which doesn't help when I need to feel cooler!

Is this normal? Is something broken?

It's normal for the metal top and sides of your Wave to gradually become warm as you use it for cooling. This is because your Wave works like a tiny air conditioning unit. In order to cool your skin on one side, it needs to shed heat on the other side. The more you cool, the more heat needs to be released.

Here's a simplified animation showing how this works:


That's great, but I need to be cool! How can I stay cool if parts of my Wave get warm?

Fair question!

The easiest way to keep this heat release from interfering with your cooling session is to wear your Wave farther down your inner wrist, about an inch or two down from your hand or far enough that the metal doesn't come into contact with your skin when you bend or move your hand.

We also recommend making sure your Wave isn't covered by anything (like a sleeve) so that the heat can dissipate properly. 

The top and sides will tend to get warmer, more quickly, if you're using your Wave: 

  • for multiple short duration sessions (Quick Mode, Custom Mode at 1- to 5-minute durations) in a row
  • at the maximum cooling level


  • in very hot conditions, especially outdoors in the sun

You can reduce the amount that your device warms up during cooling by:

  • making sure you're using the latest version of the app and firmware, so that you have the most powerful cooling and efficient temperature management available
  • taking a break after running 2-3+ short duration sessions in a row
  • switching to a longer session duration (30 minutes or above)
  • switching to a lower temperature level
  • loosening or taking your Wave off completely after your cooling session has ended
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