I updated the Embr Wave 1 app, and now I can't access Modes or the temperature dial!

If you've just updated the app and are no longer able to access the temperature dial or Modes button, check to see whether you are using a "zoom" mode on your phone to make the screen/text larger. 

We discovered a bug in our recent update (late September 2019) that is affecting some Android and iOS users with smaller screen or using zoom mode, so that screens that are supposed to look like this:



are showing up like this:


We're working on a fix for this that will be available in our next app update. In the meantime, you can temporarily disable zoom mode to get past the welcome screens and access the main app screen with the temperature dial and modes button. You can then re-enable zoom and use the app from that point onward. 

If you're experiencing something different and/or if this doesn't solve your issue, please click the Contact link below. Be sure to let us know what model of phone/tablet you are using and send a screenshot of what you're seeing in the app.

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