How do I access the Wave 1 Goal Tracker?

For new app users or users logging in using Guest Mode: During the app setup process, we'll give you the option to select a goal. After you've had a few days to try out the Wave, we'll pop back in to invite you to start using our Goal Tracker!

For existing app users: After you update to the latest app version (1.4.1), you'll get a pop-up in the app asking you choose (or confirm) a goal and then be able to opt in to the Goal Tracker.

Not ready to start tracking goals yet? That's OK! Just tap Later when the Goal Tracker invitation pops up. We'll ask once more after a few days, and if you still aren't into it, we'll take the hint and buzz off! If you change your mind later, you can start the Goal Tracker any time, from your Usage screen.

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