Do I need a smartphone or tablet to use the Wave? Do I need to download the app?

It is possible to use Embr Wave for basic warming and cooling without having the app; however, you do miss out on a great deal of functionality without it, including features like:

The app also allows you to download firmware updates that do important things like improving battery life and making cooling/warming more powerful! For this reason, even if you don't plan to use the app regularly or don't have access to a smartphone, we strongly recommend installing it (or having a friend install it on their phone temporarily) so that you can get the most up-to-date firmware on your Wave and select your preferred mode. You won't be able to switch modes (to Fall Asleep Mode, Extended Mode, etc.) without the app, but you will be able to warm and cool and adjust your temperature level by just using the light bar on the Wave itself.

To use the Wave without the app, click anywhere on the light bar to wake it up. Click the blue side for cooling or the red side for warming. Hold down the blue side to adjust the temperature level down or the red side to adjust it up. The default mode that comes with the Wave is 10-minute Essential Mode.

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