What is the Wave 1 Hot Flash Mode?

Hot Flash Mode is a 10-minute preset mode available for cooling in the Embr Wave 1 app (version 1.5.1, released April 2020). This mode was specially engineered to provide high-performing cooling over a longer session—a one-tap option to help you keep your chill in the heat of the moment.

To design the Hot Flash Mode, we looked at the most popular options for cooling (between existing presets and user-created custom modes) for Wavers whose main goal was relief from hot flashes. Taking those settings as a starting point, we created a new mode calibrated to hit that sweet spot between the fast wave speed of Quick Mode and the wave intensity and total session duration of Essential Mode.

To start using the Hot Flash Mode, tap Modes from the main screen of the app. Tap on Hot Flash Mode (in the Cooling section) to set it as your default for all future cooling sessions, until or unless you decide to change it. Click here for more information on how to use a Hot Flash Mode.

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Hot Flash Mode is not available as a warming preset. (That would be “Hotter Flash Mode”!)

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