Can I buy an Extend Protection Plan for a previous order?

At this time, Extend Protection Plans cannot be purchased separately. This means that if you don't add an Extend Plan to your order when purchasing your Wave, we're not able to add additional coverage after the fact, even if the order hasn't shipped.

We have reason to believe that Extend may be changing their policy on "post-purchase" warranties in the near future. If that option becomes available, we'll be reaching out to customers to offer them the chance to buy an extended warranty if they haven't already.

In the meantime, every Wave comes standard with a 1-year limited warranty as described in our Terms of Sale. This means that if your device stops working or has a defect that we're not able to troubleshoot within one year of shipping, you should be eligible for a free replacement. (Please note that neither the included warranty nor the Extend plans covers accidental damage, like damage from things like exposure to liquids or drops/falls.)

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