I ordered a Silver Wave and it says "Expected to start shipping by 5/25/20"—when will I get my order?

Why isn't my order shipping now?

We're currently waiting for more stock to arrive at our warehouse! Based on the information we have right now, we would estimate orders that include the Silver Wave will start shipping on or before May 25, 2020.

When will my order arrive?

With free Priority Mail service, delivery is estimated to be within 3-6 business days after your order leaves our warehouse. So, if you receive your shipping notification email on May 25, we would expect your order to be delivered by May 28-June 2. For more information on delivery, check USPS's official service alerts page.

Can I get my order faster? Can I pay for faster shipping?

We are not able to expedite orders or offer faster shipping methods at this time.

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