Will I ever lose control over my Wave device? Will other people be able to activate it remotely?

You will always have full control over your Wave!

You decide when—or whether—to feel an Embrace and have total control over the temperature level. Nobody can activate or control your device except you. Embrace simply adds a new type of thermal experience (a social one) that you can feel if and when you want to, just like reading a letter sent from a loved one.

Only friends that you have invited or accepted invitations from can send you Embraces. When you receive an Embrace, you can decide whether you want to feel it then, wait until later, or dismiss it. 

To feel it on your Wave device when the time is right for you, tap  ‘Feel Embrace’ in the app. To feel it at another time, tap ‘Later.’ If you don’t want to feel it at all, you can dismiss it instead by tapping ‘Delete.’

Each Embrace lasts 40 seconds. At any time during an Embrace, you can adjust the temperature up or down, or tap STOP to return to using your Wave as you normally would.

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