Can I temporarily or permanently stop receiving Embraces from a friend? Can I block or remove someone from my friends list?

Yes! You have the option to either Pause Embraces from a friend or Unfriend them. Tap the gear icon to the right of their name to select Pause Embraces or Unfriend. 

  • If you select Pause Embraces, your friend’s name will be moved to the bottom of your friends list and will be greyed out with a little 🚫 icon. You will not receive notifications or see any messages from this friend while they are paused. You can unpause them by tapping the gear icon next to their name and then tapping ‘Resume Embraces.’ (P.S. You won’t receive any of the messages they sent while they were paused when you resume.)
  • If you select Unfriend, you’ll be asked to confirm that you want to remove that person from your friends list. Tapping ‘OK’ will delete the friend permanently.

You friends will not be notified if you pause or unfriend them. (If you want to tell them in real life, that’s up to you!)

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