I can start warming or cooling for a few seconds, but then my Wave 1 shuts down / lights turn off?

Your Wave may still be operating even if the lights have turned off—you might just be in between waves.

Because the Wave delivers warming or cooling pulses in a wave pattern, it's normal for you to feel an initial warm or cool sensation and then feel like it's turning off briefly before returning to your selected temperature level. The "rest periods" in between waves will vary depending on the mode you're using, from roughly 2 seconds (for Quick Mode or 1- to 3-minute custom modes) up to 60 seconds (for All Night Mode or 60-minute custom modes). The app will display "Next wave coming up" in between waves, and the LEDs in your light bar will dim slightly during these rest periods.

If the LEDs are turning off completely after your session starts, there are a few things we can check:

  • Are you using All Night Mode or Fall Asleep Mode? Since these modes are designed for sleep, the LEDs in your light bar will automatically turn off a second or two after your sessions starts. They'll light up, dimly, if you click the light bar to adjust the temperature level, and then they'll automatically turn off again.
    • You can see what mode you're in by opening the Embr Wave app. During a session, the mode will be displayed at the top of the My Session screen. Otherwise, you can tap the Modes button to see what mode you have selected.
  • Do you have your LEDs set to Off in SettingsIf you've selected Off for your LED settings, your light bar will automatically turn itself off a few seconds after starting a session and will remain off until you click the light bar again.
    • To check your LED settings, open the Embr Wave app and tap the gear icon in the upper right corning to open Settings. You'll see your LED status next to 'Dim LEDs.' Tap the arrow next to 'Dim LEDs' to select Bright, Dim, or Off.

If neither of these options applies, try starting a warming or cooling session and then open the Embr Wave app to see what it says. If your Wave has turned itself off or shut down, the My Session screen will say "Press either side of the light bar to begin a session." Otherwise, it will tell you what session is in progress at the top of the My Session screen.

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