Why is my app saying that I have "unknown" presets?

If you were an Early Access user, there’s a chance that you’ll see an in-app notification saying that your Wave 2 has “unknown presets”. This is popping up because you were using the Early Access versions of the cooling and warming sessions, but with the app update that went out on the morning of July 27th, all of the sessions have been updated for release to the general public.

Your Wave 2 and the app are designed to let you know that settings outside of your account are “unknown”, so the current app thinks that your presets created on the beta app are unknown. 

If this is happening for you, you can select “reset” to bring your presets back to default factory settings. From there, you’ll just need to go into settings and reassign your presets or select a session directly from the feels page and assign your presets that way! 

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