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Wave 2

Do I need a smartphone or tablet to use the Wave 2? Do I need to download the Wave 2 app?

While it's not strictly necessary to download the Wave 2 app, the companion mobile app lets you keep your device updated with the latest firmware improvements and unlocks even more functionality. The app gives you access to features like:. If you don

How big is the Wave 2? What are the dimensions?

Here are the dimensions of the Wave 2, along with a comparison to the original Wave:. Product dimensions. Wave 2:  1.7 in (44 mm) in diameter and 0.6 in (15 mm) tall. Wave 1:  2 x 1.5 x 0.5 in // 52 x 39 x 13 mm.]. Weight. Wave 2:  2.2 oz (63 g) with

What size wrists will the Wave 2 fit? How long are the different band options for Wave 2?

The Wave 2 is designed to fit a wide array of wrist sizes. View all available accessories for Wave 2.

What is the expected battery life of Wave 2? How often will I need to charge my Wave 2?

Your Wave’s battery life is affected by a wide range of factors including the temperature of your skin and your environment, the types of warming or cooling sessions you use, and how often you warm or cool in a given period. Different types of sessio

Where can I find the serial number of my Embr Wave 2?

You can find the serial number of your Embr Wave 2 printed on the back of the device:. Your device's serial number is the series of numbers listed at the very bottom, after the letters SN. Pro tip: If you're having trouble reading the number, take a

How can I clean my Embr Wave 2?

Have some scuff marks or just want to make sure your Wave is free of daily debris? Check out our Cleaning Kit! The kit comes with 1 microfiber cleaning cloth, 1 cleaning brush, 10 alcohol wipes, 10 cleaning putty squares, and 10 crevice tools. You ca

Is Wave 2 waterproof?

The Wave 2 offers even greater protection and durability over the original, with a thermal housing designed to provide robust water resistance for everyday convenience. The Wave 2 is water-resistant but not waterproof. That means it can survive being