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Wave 2 App: Features

Track + Learn: How do I sync my data?

When using both the calendar and learning features, you’ll want to make sure your data is up to date! On the Track calendar dashboard, there is a “Sync Now” button that will allow your data to back up and free up memory on your Wave 2 device. You sho

Track + Learn: How to use the calendar feature

As you continue on your thermal wellness journey, the Track + Learn feature is available to help you do just that: track your sessions and provide data to help you learn about your thermal needs!. The calendar in the Wave 2 app will note your session

Track + Learn: Why don’t I see any data?

There are a few reasons why you may not see any data on your Track + Learn dashboards!. If you haven’t synced your data in a while, you won’t see what you’ve been up to. You should make sure to sync your usage data in the app at least every two weeks