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Can I connect my Wave 2 to a more than one phone or tablet?Updated a year ago

Your Wave 2 can only be actively connected to one phone (or tablet) at a time. 

When your Wave is connected to one phone and you try to connect it to another phone, the second device will not pick up the Bluetooth signal of the already connected device. It’s like if you were to plug your headphones into one phone, you’d have to unplug them from the first to be able to plug them into something else. You can use the headphones with multiple devices; you just can’t be plugged into both at the same time.

To connect your Wave 2 with an additional phone or to switch between multiple phones, you must first stop the Bluetooth connection with the original device, either by completely closing the app or by removing your Wave in Settings:

  1. You could get in the habit of force-closing the app every time you finish using it (Here’s how to force-close on iOS and Android). You can use the app on the second device as long as the app is fully closed (not just minimized) on the first. You won’t have to re-add your Wave when you switch back to the first device, so this could work if you plan to go back and forth regularly.
  2. Or you can remove your Wave when you want to switch. Go to Settings > Add/Remove Device > Remove Device. When you come back to the first phone, you will have to Add Device again to reconnect with the app, so this is probably something you only want to do if you’re switching for a long period.
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