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Wave 2 App

Can I use the Wave 2 App with my Wave 1? Can I use the old app with my Wave 2?

The Wave 2 app has been specifically designed for the Wave 2 device, so the Wave 1 is not compatible with the new app, or vice versa. Wave 1 is only compatible with the Wave 1 app. You are able to download each app in the Apple App Store as well as G

What devices can I use the Wave 2 app on? What operating systems are compatible?

The Wave 2 app is downloadable on Android platforms running at least Android versions 10 and 11, and all major iOS phone platforms running at least iOS 14. While the app can be downloaded on various tablets, it is not optimized for those platforms an

How do I delete my Wave 2 app account?

At Embr Labs, we respect your need to feel confident that your data is private and your mobile app account can be deleted at any time. If you are opting to delete your mobile app account, the deletion cannot be reversed and you will no longer be able

What are presets for Wave 2?

With Wave 2, you can assign your two favorite sessions to the two buttons on your Wave for quick access to the relief you need most! These saved button shortcuts are called “presets.”. When you first receive your Wave, the dotted button will be Defau

Can I connect my Wave 2 to a more than one phone or tablet?

Your Wave 2 can only be actively connected to one phone (or tablet) at a time. When your Wave is connected to one phone and you try to connect it to another phone, the second device will not pick up the Bluetooth signal of the already connected devic

How can I check what firmware or app version my Wave 2 is using?

Tap Settings in the bottom right corner of the Wave 2 app screen. At the top of the page, you'll see Firmware Version. If you're using the latest version, it will say Up To Date. If an upgrade is available, you'll see an Update Available button inste

How can I get the latest firmware update in the Wave 2 App?

When you open your Wave 2 App, you can go to Settings and look at the top center of the screen. There you will see either “Up To Date” or “Update Available”. If you’re seeing “Update Available” you can tap that spot on the screen and the app will ini

How do I edit, rename, and save custom sessions in the Wave 2 app?

Did you know that any session (whether it’s for comfort, hot flashes, stress, or sleep) can be personalized and saved with a name of your choosing?. Let’s say we want to edit Fall Asleep - Cool. To Edit and Save:. When you return to the dashboard, yo

Does changing the session duration change the way the cooling or warming waveforms feel?

The difference in waves between the shorter and longer sessions is like the difference between a sprint and a marathon. Shorter warming or cooling sessions have shorter periods of rest in between waves and will therefore feel more intense because of

Can I get the same range of cooling and warming temperatures with Wave 2 that I used to get with my Wave 1? How do the temperature levels in the Wave 2 app compare to the temperature dial in the Wave 1 app?

When using your Wave 2, you can achieve about the same (or even greater) range of warming and cooling as you could with the Wave 1!. While the numbers in the new app look a little different, the temperature levels 1-5 in the Wave 2 app cover the same

Why am I being asked to enter my age when I create an account in the Wave 2 app?

When you’re setting up your account on the app, we ask for your age to help us give you the best recommendations, including sessions that are popular with people who are similar to you. However, if you don't want to enter your real age, that's OK—fee

Do I need cellular connection or wifi to use the Wave 2 app?

Like many other apps, certain app features and functions require an internet connection! You only need to have internet connectivity or be connected to the app while you're actively using and interacting with the app. You do not have to keep the app

What sensitive data is collected when I use the Embr Wave? If I choose not to share my sensitive data, how does that impact my use of Embr Wave?

Embr respects and protects your privacy, and your decision on what data you feel comfortable sharing with us. You can change your mind at any time, and update your choices under Settings > My Profile > Data Privacy, submitting a support email via the