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Can I get the same range of cooling and warming temperatures with Wave 2 that I used to get with my Wave 1? How do the temperature levels in the Wave 2 app compare to the temperature dial in the Wave 1 app?Updated a year ago

When using your Wave 2, you can achieve about the same (or even greater) range of warming and cooling as you could with the Wave 1!

While the numbers in the new app look a little different, the temperature levels 1-5 in the Wave 2 app cover the same ground as the temperature range for Wave 1, with roughly the same amount of adjustability: with half steps* (1.5, 2.5, 3.5. 4.5), there a total of 9 increments of adjustment for warming or cooling. Even better, Level 5 cooling has been shown to provide an even stronger cooling sensation than the maximum cooling level of Wave 1!


*In the initial release of the Wave 2 app, the slider bar only shows the whole-step numbers (1-5) and does not display the half-step numbers. This is just a display issue that will be corrected in a future app update, however—the half steps do exist and are additional levels you can use to fine-tune your comfort!


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