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Can I wear Embr Wave some place other than my wrist (like my ankle)?Updated a year ago

Embr Wave was designed to work best when worn on the inside of your wrist (ideally, about an inch away from the hand so that your hand won't touch the top or sides of the Wave when it bends); so it's been optimized and tested for that particular location. 

That said, we have heard from customers who wear their Embr Waves in different and creative ways! You are welcome to explore to find out what works best for you. Keep in mind that different parts of the body have different thermal sensitivities, so something that feels just warm on one part of the body might feel too hot in a different spot. For this reason, we'd recommend being careful when trying Embr Wave on other parts of the body for the first time—start out at a lower temperature level and a shorter session, and see how your body reacts before ramping things up or trying longer durations.

The standard Milanese loop band that comes with your Embr Wave adjusts to fit wrists between 135-235 mm (about 5.3-9.25 in) circumference. If that size fits your ankle, for example, feel free to try wearing Embr Wave there to see if you like it.

Embr Wave also uses a standard watch pin, so it's compatible with most styles of watch bands if you'd like to try to find something that's a different size.

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