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Embr Wave Technology

What is Embr Wave?

And why isn't there another "e" in Embr?

Can Embr Wave help with menopause or hot flashes?

Embr Wave has been clinically shown to provide relief for menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, and insomnia. in a 2019 trial completed in partnership with Johnson & Johnson Innovation, menopausal and perimenopausal women using Embr Wav

When should I not be using Embr Wave? What situations is Embr Wave best for?

Embr Wave is optimized to provide relief for those who experience thermal discomfort in moderate environments. That makes it perfect for things like:   🚖 Feeling cool in a stuffy taxi   🏢 Warming up in a chilly office   🔥 Calming down a hot flash

How can my Wave have an effect on my comfort if it’s only acting on my wrist?

How your Wave affects your thermal comfort.

Does the Wave change your core body temperature?

Nope. Your Wave is able to help you feel more comfortable without needing to affect your core body temperature.

Is Embr Wave just tricking my brain?

Is Embr Wave just a placebo? (Short answer: Nope!)

How does Embr Wave warm or cool your skin?

It functions like a mini air conditioner or heater. Embr Wave uses something called a "thermoelectric module" to warm up or cool down. It's essentially a heat exchanger, and it contains materials that get hot or cold when electricity is passed throug

Can I wear Embr Wave some place other than my wrist (like my ankle)?

Embr Wave was designed to work best when worn on the inside of your wrist (ideally, about an inch away from the hand so that your hand won't touch the top or sides of the Wave when it bends); so it's been optimized and tested for that particular loca

What kind of waves does Embr Wave send to my body? Is it safe?

It's nothing scary — Embr Wave uses plain old temperature to give you personalized thermal relief!. When we talk about "waves of warming or cooling," we're referring to the fact that the Wave sends pulses of warming or cooling in a wave rhythm that r

Does Embr Wave tell time? Can it count my steps?

Embr Wave was designed specifically to provide thermal comfort. At this time, it does not offer additional features like a watch or step counter.

Are there any side effects to using Embr Wave?

What happens to your body while you're using Embr Wave?

Can Embr Wave burn me?

Embr Wave is designed to get about as hot as a hot tub.

Is Embr Wave safe for use during pregnancy?

Embr Wave has been carefully calibrated to avoid temperatures that could burn or otherwise damage your skin, so it's as safe as holding an icy cold (or very warm) drink to your wrist! The device stimulates a temperature-sensitive part of your body wi

RF Exposure information

Embr Wave has been tested and meets applicable limits for radio frequency (RF) exposure. The frequency range of Embr Wave is 2402MHz to 2480MHz and general RF exposure is 0.18. The minimum for an SAR test is 3.0 so an SAR report was not required.

Will Embr Wave put me at risk of hyperthermia or hypothermia?

Short answer: not at all!

Can I use Embr Wave while working out?

You could, but that's not what Embr Wave is for.

Can Embr Wave go through airport security?

Yes! It's essentially treated the same as any smartwatch or wearable that you might have on your wrist. Just remember to take it off before you pass through the scanners!

Do I need a plug converter to charge Embr Wave in a different country?

Traveling abroad with Embr Wave? Here's what you need to know.