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Does the Wave change your core body temperature?Updated a year ago

Nope. Your Wave is able to help you feel more comfortable without needing to affect your core body temperature.

Thermal comfort exists separately from thermoregulation.
Unless you're actually at risk of hypothermia or hyperthermia, it’s likely that your core temperature is already right where it needs to be, at about 98.6 ºF.
Outside of extreme circumstances, thermal comfort isn't about core body temperature but instead depends on your perception of local thermal sensations across your entire body. 
For example, if you've ever felt too hot while in bed and decided to stick one foot out from under the covers or flip your pillow to the cool side, those actions aren't changing your core temperature—that's still going to be around 98.6 ºF. Instead, they're introducing localized temperature sensations that help change the way you feel overall. 
The Wave gives you the power to create these localized sensations on demand, anytime!
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