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FAQs: Third Party OrdersUpdated a year ago

Embr Labs has partnered with some new brands that we are loving right now! Here are some frequently asked questions:

How will I know that my order was processed?

You will receive a separate email with your order information from the brand! It will be an additional email to the one we send you for your Embr Labs order. 

Can I still expedite shipping if I order a Wave?

Because some products are coming from different companies, the orders cannot be expedited. If you need your Wave sooner, we suggest placing that order separately so that you can select more specific shipping!

What should I do if I need to return another brand's products?

You can reach out to that brand's support team for return and refund assistance! If you are unsure of who to reach out to, you can contact us for help.

Are the third party products available for international shipping?

At this time, partner products are only available for shipping to US customers.


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