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How can my Wave have an effect on my comfort if it’s only acting on my wrist?Updated a year ago

How your Wave affects your thermal comfort.

A common misconception about humans and temperature is that our thermal experiences are dictated by our core temperature only.
This oversimplified model not only remains ubiquitous amongst the general population, but also continues to dictate the operation of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) in buildings to this day.
In reality, studies have shown that even a small localized sensation on your wrist can change your whole body thermosensation and comfort level if you are feeling uncomfortably warm or cold.
Your body has two kinds of thermoreceptors in the skin: one kind senses warmth, the other senses cold.
These thermoreceptors send signals to the brain, which translate the thermal stimuli into thermal sensations through the same neural networks that are also responsible for touch, pleasure, thermoregulation, emotion, and the balance of your nervous system.
To personalize your thermal experience, Embr Labs has developed a device called Embr Wave that employs smart algorithms to maximally trigger thermoreceptors in the skin, producing a soothing effect that can also serve as a thermal focal point to which your body can anchor itself and overcome the complexities with which your body usually experiences temperature.
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