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How do I change the band on my Wave 2 (Video Included)?Updated 10 months ago

To see how to change your wristband, check out this 2-minute video (although the device in the video is a Wave 1, the process is the same):


If you'd prefer to read the step-by step process to change the band on your Wave 2, follow the directions below:

  1. To install a different band, take your Wave 2 and turn it upside down so that the watch pin is exposed.
  2. Next, take the spring bar tool (included with your new band) and use the prongs to push the notched portion of the watch pin toward the center of the band, so that you can gently release the strap out from the plastic end caps.
  3. Remove the watch pin and keep it someplace safe while you use the spring bar tool to release the pin on the other side of the strap.
  4. Insert one of the watch pins into one end of your new band. With both your Wave and the new strap facing bottom-up, insert one end of the pin into the hole in the plastic end cap. (You'll know which side of the strap is the bottom since it will be the one with a notch cut out!)
  5. Use the spring bar tool to compress the watch pin until you can gently pop the lug into place, securing the band on that side.
  6. Repeat on the other side of the band, remembering that the side of the strap with the notch cut out is the side that should be on the bottom of your Wave.
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