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Wave 2 Accessories

How do I install the Comfort Case on my Embr Wave 2?

The Comfort Case is designed to fit your Wave snugly and securely, but it's also simple to snap on and off!. There are three cutouts on the case. They line up with the band (top and bottom) and the buttons on the side of your Wave. To remove, lift up

How do I change the band on my Wave 2 (Video Included)?

To see how to change your wristband, check out this 2-minute video (although the device in the video is a Wave 1, the process is the same):. If you'd prefer to read the step-by step process to change the band on your Wave 2, follow the directions bel

Do I need to buy a band for my Wave 2?

Nope! Every Wave comes with a stainless steel Milanese loop band (in black or rose gold for Wave 2; rose gold for Wave 1), so you don't need to buy anything else to start Waving. We offer optional accessory bands in case you'd prefer a different styl

Can I use my Wave 1 wristbands with Wave 2?

Based on the feedback of thousands of customers, we designed the new Wave to be sleeker, more lightweight, and more comfortable for a variety of wrist sizes. The Wave 2 features a lighter, narrower 18mm band and is not compatible with bands for Wave