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How do I charge Wave 2?Updated a year ago

Your Wave 2 comes with a magnetic charging base and a USB-C cable.

To set up your charger, plug one end of the cable into the charging base and the other end into a USB port or wall plug (not provided).

To charge your Wave 2, loosen the strap or undo it completely by pulling one end fully out of the lug. Then place your Wave onto the charging base, making sure the two gold dots on the bottom of the Wave line up with the two gold pins on the charger.

When your Wave is positioned correctly, you’ll feel the magnets help snap into place, and you’ll see a glowing green light on your Wave to show that charging is in progress. The light will turn solid green when the charge is complete, which typically takes about two hours.

Having issues charging your Wave 2? See our troubleshooting steps here.

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